Bailey at the Bogey – Auction

We are so excited to take Bailey at the Bogey bidding online this year. While bidding will not open until 5 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 4, we are very excited to announce that the website is live now.


We have begun loading items and packages onto the website and will be adding more each week. Please visit the website to preview some of the items that will be available in the silent auction and start making your wish list now. You can even go ahead and register as a bidder and be ready to start bidding the night of the event.

When the auction goes live on Oct. 4, you will be able to place bids through this website from your laptop, tablet, phone, etc. You will also receive email updates and text messages when you have been outbid. The website also offers proxy bidding which allows you to enter a maximum bid for each item or package and follow-up bids will be placed automatically for you when you are outbid until you reach your maximum bid. When the auction is complete, you will receive an invoice for your items and check out online then pick up your goodies. Unable to attend and bidding off site? We’ll set up a couple of times you can pick your items up from Bailey the week after our event.

Remember, Bailey at the Bogey raises funds for Classroom Innovation Grants at Bailey, and it’s a FUN night for our students and families. If you have any questions or want to donate a bottle of wine to our wine pull or find out how you can support our silent auction or kids’ basket raffle, please contact one of our Bailey at the Bogey Co-Chairs, Shakila Ali at 407-463-8749 or; or Maria Cramer-Kirkpatrick at 419-206-1289 or

2 Comments on “Bailey at the Bogey – Auction

  1. Hi-site looks great! I’m uncertain of something…will the actual items still be on display at the event? Or is it all online? thanks


    • Hi Erin, there will be baskets and packages on display at the event and available for pick up at the end of the auction. Let us know if you have any other questions.


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