Bailey Holiday Shop

Our “Bailey Holiday Shop” online shopping event is finally here!!!

Shopping can begin now through Sunday, December 6th. Below is the website and login information to get you all set up! Click HERE to view a letter with more details about the event.


Login- HGS

Then, click on “Enter Here”

Password- BE017HGS

2 Comments on “Bailey Holiday Shop

  1. I have tried repeatedly to get into this shop, but it won’t let me. It takes me to the point where you can click on the door and the hand appears, but then nothing happens when I click. I tried both safari and google chrome. Can you help?


    • Hi! On the first screen of the website, please make sure you are using the HGS log in and then you should be prompted for the password after clicking the “Enter Here” on the door of the next screen. The password is BE017HGS. They are both case sensitive and the password has a zero rather than “O”. If you still have issues, please reach out to Kelly Cousino at 513 403 9297 who may be able to help or get you in touch with vendor for further assistance.


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