Room Parent Sign Up



Getting involved in your child’s class as a room parent is a fun experience, a huge help to the teacher, and a vital link between the PTO and the classroom. For the 2021-2022 school year, there will be a maximum of 3 room parents per classroom. Please read below for some of the responsibilities shared by the room parents.

Room Parent Responsibilities

1. Communicate with the teacher about PTO events, activities, etc… 

2. Assist the teacher if he/she needs help with any classroom tasks.

3. Provide information to parents if they have questions about classroom activities.

4. Work in cooperation with a PTO Committee Chair if help is needed specifically for your classroom. Examples from previous years include the pizza party for winners from Bailey at The Bogey and community service projects, such as blanket making.

5. Plan and organize the Harvest Party, Holiday Party and End of Year Party for your classroom.

6. Create a classroom directory IF you choose to do one.

7. Collect money for the teacher’s birthday, holiday, and end of year gifts or any other special event gift, such as a baby or wedding gift.

8. Provide any other assistance as needed throughout the school year.

9. Attend the mandatory room parent meeting (date/time/place TBD).

Further details of these responsibilities will be discussed at the mandatory room parent meeting. If you have any questions about becoming a room parent, please contact Colleen Walsh or Melissa Voeller, PTO Vice Presidents and Room Parent Coordinators.

Colleen Walsh,                          

Melissa Voeller,

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