February Shop for a Cause

Need coffee to keep you warm on these chilly snow filled days???

Boston Stoker Coffee Co. is excited to be the February Shop for a Cause partner for the Bailey PTO. Order your coffee today and 50% of your order will be donated back to the PTO at the end of the month!

My name is Laura Dean-Barbosa and this is my family’s second year in the Bailey community (previously at Deer Run). My husband Rodrigo and I have a fifth grader and a second grader at Bailey. Boston Stoker Coffee Co. is a second-generation family owned and operated company, founded by my parents nearly 50 years ago! Our roastery is in Dayton where all your orders are roasted fresh to order prior to shipping. We take great pride in the sourcing of our coffees and work hard to provide the highest quality product that we can. In the Dayton/Columbus area we operate several coffee house locations, and we are extremely excited to be moving into the Dublin/Shawnee Hills community later this year on Glick Rd. (next to Walgreens).

Help us support your school by placing your orders at www.bostonstoker.com and tagging your order with the coupon code BAILEY at checkout. Free shipping on all orders $20+!

Thank You!

Laura Dean-Barbosa


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