March Shop for a Cause

Spring is almost here, which means it’s the PERFECT time to spring into healthier living with Pure Haven!

Hi! I’m Colleen Speer, a long-time Bailey mom and proud sponsor of the March Shop for a Cause event. My oldest son, Aidan, is a Bailey alum and currently a 6th grader at Grizzell. I also have two current Bailey students (Elias is a third grader and Isaac is a first grader) and my daughter Zoe (2.5) will be a Bulldog in a few years.

I want to thank Maria Cramer-Kirkpatrick for organizing the Shop for a Cause fundraiser and for giving me the opportunity to share this important message with the Bailey community.

Pure Haven has made such a difference in my family’s life, and I can’t wait to share all this non-toxic goodness with each of you. Perhaps you’ve never really thought about what’s IN the products you use for your family (I mean, it’s on the shelf so it’s got to be safe…right?) Or maybe you already use “organic” or “all-natural” products (nearly all of which are “greenwashed” or don’t really work). But there’s SOOOO much more to the story…

In a few days, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about why Pure Haven is hands down, simply the best way to protect your Bailey family from harmful toxins. I’ll be going live, sharing products and giving you the information you need to make safer, informed choices for your family. Whether you’re looking for younger, healthier skin, safer sun care protection or toxin-free home cleaning solutions, there’s something for you (and I promise to make it fun!)

To get all the details and learn more about my non-toxic journey, join this year’s private Bailey Shops Nontoxic group:

And if you can’t wait (or just want to get shopping), go to and use party ID #297405. I’ll be donating 50% of all commissions from March sales back to the Bailey PTO and you’ll be removing toxins from your home – it’s a win win!

To healthier living this spring!

-Colleen McCarthy Speer

Pure Haven Consultant and Bailey Mom x4

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