Fifth Grade Service Project – Ends Soon!

Bailey has collected a lot of school supplies for School Rocks Party Box but still needs more, collection ending soon!

Bailey’s 5th graders have been leading the school in collection school supplies for students at fellow 5th graders at Beatty Park, Forest Park and North Linden Elementary. The 5th grade classes would like to thank everyone who has sent in or ordered school supplies to equip each of the 5th grade students served by School Rocks Party Box with a backpack filled with the supplies they will need for 6th grade as a 5th grade graduation gift.

Collection Goal
300  NEW pocket folders with prongs any color
300 NEW wide-ruled spiral notebooks
1,200 NEW No. 2 pencils
300 NEW pens with blue or black ink
120 NEW or VERY GENTLY USED backpacks for middle schoolers
150 NEW or GENTLY USED rulers
150 NEW or GENTLY USED basic calculators
300 NEW boxes of colored pencils

If you have not yet sent any supplies in and would like to do so, you may drop them off during tonight’s Bailey Bash or send them to or drop them off at Bailey on Monday. Our 5th graders have been sorting, counting and organizing supplies as they have come in this week and plan to start packing the supply kits next Monday and Tuesday.

If you would find it easiest to make a monetary contribution to help purchase remaining items for the school supply kits you can do so here:

About School Rocks Party Box

School Rocks Party Box founder Tia Gannon started the organization in 2016 with the idea to provide holiday parties to a single classroom in a disadvantaged school. Today, School Rocks Party Box has grown to serving four elementary schools with over 1,200 children in the Columbus area.  After discovering the lack of funding for school-wide programs, the inability of families to provide basic necessities due to financial circumstances, and that these schools did not have PTOs and had limited parent participation, she set forth a goal for these children to have school experiences similar to those of her own children, who are attending schools in Dublin (Her boys are Bailey alumni).  

From that day forward, the mission became providing students with the necessary items and programs to support their educational and social emotional needs, making school a more positive and rewarding experience. Today, School Rocks Party Box, 501c3, provides all 1,200 students served with things they otherwise would not have – their own school supply kit, basic personal hygiene items, access to books at home, classroom activities and holiday parties, as well as funding and supporting the school’s programs that support positive behavior, attendance and being a good school citizen. This support also includes providing the teachers and administration with the supplies they need for their students and classroom as well as celebrating them throughout the year and during Teacher Appreciation Week.

You can learn more about School Rocks Party Box at

If you have any questions about the 5th Grade Service Project, please contact Maria Cramer-Kirkpatrick via text at 419-206-1289.

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