Room Parent – Announcement

On Sunday, September 18, at 8pm, there will be a Signup Genius link on this website where you can sign up for Room Parent for your child’s classroom. The PTO is looking for energetic parents that want to help assist the teacher and also provide a vital link between the PTO and school. For this school year, there will be three room parents per classroom. Please read below for some of the tasks that will be shared between the room parents.

1. Point person in your child’s classroom that the teacher will go to about happenings with the PTO. This includes making sure that the classroom receives any communication from the PTO about PTO events and happenings. We would strongly encourage at least 1 room parent to attend the quarterly General PTO meetings as a way to adequately communicate with your classrooms.

2. Are the person that the teacher will go to if they need help or assistance with any classroom task.

3. Be the person that other parents can contact if they have any questions about classroom activities.

4. Be the first to be called by a PTO Committee Chair if help is needed specifically for your classroom. Example: help plan the pizza party won from a PTO sponsored event.

5. Be in charge of planning and organizing the Harvest Party, Holiday Party and End of Year Party for your classroom.

6. Be tasked to create a classroom directory.

7. Be responsible for collecting money for the teacher’s birthday, holiday and end of year gifts or any other special event gift, such as a baby or bridal gift.

8. Provide any other assistance as needed throughout the school year.

9. You must attend the mandatory room parent meeting on Monday, October 3rd at 9:30 a.m.

Further details of these responsibilities will be discussed at the mandatory room parent meeting in October. If you have any questions about becoming a room parent, please contact Erin Claibourne at or Tamara Cistone at

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