Shop For A Cause – September

Shop for a Cause with Bailey-family-owned businesses to support our school

Bailey’s Shop for a Cause is a program that allows us to raise funds for the PTO while also supporting businesses owned by Bailey families. This program, returning in 2022-23 for its third year, allows you to shop mostly online and occasionally in person to help generate funds for our PTO-sponsored activities.

Beginning this month, one local business, roughly every month or two, will be featured on, the Bailey Facebook page and in the Bailey News and will donate a portion of its profits or commissions to our PTO.

Meet September’s Bailey-family-business owners: Tim Kirkpatrick and Maria Cramer-Kirkpatrick

Tim Kirkpatrick and Maria Cramer-Kirkpatrick are parents to two Bailey alumni one current student. Their oldest son, Aidan, is now a freshman at Coffman; and Colin is a 6th grader at Grizzell, while daughter, Alana, is in 4th grade here at Bailey.

Tim is a physician with Mid-Ohio Emergency Services, which staffs many of Central Ohio’s Ohio Health Emergency Departments.

Maria has a journalism degree and a former career in healthcare communications along with multiple fitness certifications and a great deal of experience teaching group fitness classes and personal training. She currently teaches Fit 4 Good classes, does a little bit of freelance writing and editing and spends a substantial amount of time volunteering with an organization that serves people who are homeless / houseless / unsheltered in addition to selling jewelry from Touchstone Crystal, beauty products from BeautyCounter and fitness and nutrition products from Beachbody, all as a means to raise funds for various charitable causes. She has been very involved at Bailey since 2014. She has served as a room mom many times over, co-chaired Bailey at the Bogey in 2019, has chaired Kinder Key Caroling several times, Chaired the 5th Grade Service Project twice and hopes to do so again next year, and she currently is chairing Bailey’s Shop for a Cause for the third year.

Maria runs four businesses / ongoing fundraising efforts and will donate funds raised through these efforts during the month of October to the Bailey PTO. *****Note that Maria will be posting an event to RSVP for through the PTO Facebook page – if you would like to see the products she sells in person and / or chat with her in person about Fit 4 Good or Beachbody, you can join her for a Shop for a Cause party on her porch from 4 to 6 p.m. this coming Sunday, Sept. 25 (event location: 4450 Dunleary Drive) ***

Touchstone Crystal

Each piece of Touchstone Crystal jewelry is uniquely designed with first quality Swarovski crystals and innovations and is sold exclusively through its Independent Sales Consultants.

*Tim and Maria earn a 25% commission on the sale of Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski and donate 100% of that, after expenses such as party prizes / customer incentives, to various charitable causes. Shop with their Shop for a Cause: Buy Touchstone Crystal to Support Bailey’s PTO  now through Sept. 29, and Bailey will receive 25% of your order total, before tax and shipping. Visit to shop for Touchstone Crystal with Maria and Tim. *Note that while Maria will be your main contact for Touchstone shopping, the business is in Tim’s name (long story) so you will not see her name on the party page.


Clean Beauty that works! BeautyCounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including but not limited to asthma, cancer, and infertility) are on the rise and are due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals found in many common household items, including makeup and skincare products.

Since its launch in 2013, BeautyCounter has set the highest bar for safety in the beauty industry. It starts with BC’s Never List: 1,800 questionable ingredients you will never find in its formulations. Then, BC goes above and beyond to screen and assess every ingredient it does use against its strict safety standards. What’s left is an ever-evolving toolbox of clean, sustainable ingredients used to create innovative formulas that deliver results – safely.

Maria also earns a 25% commission on her BeautyCounter sales, and she will donate her entire commission (minus any expenses) from the BC portion of her Shop BeautyCounter with Bailey’s Shop for a Cause Fall 2022 party this month to the Bailey PTO as well. Visit…/TImWTNQsFyTVbq1rwTp0 to shop for BeautyCounter with Maria.

Fit 4 Good

Maria has nearly two decades of experience as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She has taught at several gyms and fitness centers since 2004, most recently the Dublin Community Recreation Center, where she taught from 2013 to 2020. She currently teaches fitness classes in her home gym as well as via Zoom to raise funds for various charitable causes. Since the weather is currently beautiful, she has been teaching outdoor in-person workouts in her driveway and also streams those classes over Zoom for those who cannot be there in person. She aims to provide safe, effective and fun workouts for all ages, shapes and fitness experience levels.

She calls her classes Fit 4 Good for two reasons:

  1. She wants her classes to be accessible to everyone regardless of their ability to pay for them, so she is happy to donate her services. For those with the means to do so, in lieu of paying a class fee, she asks her students to help her do some good for others. She shares information about some of the charitable causes she supports and asks that students consider donating to these efforts if they are able. As an alternative to making a monetary donation, she asks that they simply “pay it forward” and express gratitude for “free” access to her classes by committing acts of kindness to benefit others.
  2. Maria focuses on long term health and wellness and is not interested in potentially risky quick fixes. She guides her students in working out in a way that is sustainable and will support their efforts to get and stay fit – for good!

As part of Bailey’s Shop for a Cause, Maria will ask her Fit 4 Good students to make a donation (suggested donation amount is $10-20 per class) to the Bailey PTO if possible. For those for whom doing so would be a financial challenge, she encourages folx to consider volunteering for a PTO committee or PTO-sponsored event in lieu of making a monetary donation. Request to join her private Facebook group, Fit 4 Good Fitness Classes with Maria, to see information about her upcoming classes. You can also contact her at 419-206-1289 request to be included in text updates about her classes.

For Shop for a Cause, Maria also is offering the option to schedule a one-on-one training session or private class for yourself and your friends – send her a PM through FB or text her at 419-206-1289 to schedule or for more information.

Finally, Maria is a longtime Beachbody coach, so if you would like to purchase Shakeology or other nutrition products through her or purchase a Beachbody on Demand subscription or other BB product(s), contact her via Facebook PM or text so she can help make sure you get the just-right-for you product or program and at the best possible deal. She also earns a 25% commission on sales for BB and will donate her entire commission from each order to the Bailey PTO.

If you have any questions at all about Touchstone Crystal, BeautyCounter, Beachbody and / or Fit 4 Good, please contact Maria at 419-206-1289 or via Facebook PM.

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